Chase H.Q. 2


Hardware: Taito Type X2

Game Info: Chase H.Q. 2 is an arcade-exclusive racing game released by Taito Corporation. It is a numbered sequel to Chase H.Q which follows the formula of the original, but like Battle Gear 4 that Taito released previously, the game features 3D graphics.

Status: Perfect


Supported Video Cards
  • Game executable is 'gameorig.exe' found in main folder.
Common Issues / Questions
    This game doesn't work at all! You need to get through a calibration/setup stage in order to play this game. First, let the calibration proceed until it fails and displays "Please calibrate the I/O first". Press the test button (to enter in Test Mode), go in "Bookkeeping" and set clock (it should be automatically set). Save and exit bookeeping then go to "I/O Test". Enter "Steering Calibration" and push your analog stick/wheel to the extreme left/right when the game is asking for it. Enter "Accel-Brake Calibration" and follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you can "Save & Exit" and select "Game Mode" to launch the game. Now, every time you launch the game, wait for the "Handle Calibration" to fail in order to proceed to the game. The game doesn't save any changes made within Test Mode! Some games may require that a drive with letter D exists. Plug an USB stick or use an app like EaseUS Partition Master to split your HDD and create a D: drive.
Not Emulated
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