Dariusburst: Another Chronicle (v1.05)


Hardware: Taito Type X2

Game Info: Dariusburst is a horizontal scrolling shooter developed by Pyramid and published by Taito. Forming part of the Darius series, it was released for the PlayStation Portable December 24, 2009. Like previous Darius games, Dariusburst is an offbeat sci-fi shooter set in outer space with aquatic-themed (typically fish-shaped) robotic enemies. In keeping with tradition, the game also features branching paths instead of the linear progression found in most video games. There are a total of 11 zones in the game, with 5 stages per run. A related arcade game, titled Dariusburst Another Chronicle, was released in December 2010.

Status: Perfect


Supported Video Cards
  • Game executable is 'game.exe' found in main folder.
Common Issues / Questions
Not Emulated
  • Cannot access Test Mode.
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