Ford Racing


Hardware: Sega Europa-R

Game Info: Ford Racing: Full Blown is a racing game released by Sega in 2006. The game is an arcade port of the 2005 console and PC title Ford Racing 3 (also developed by Razorworks but published by Empire Interactive) but with some adjustments made for arcade play.


Supported Video Cards
  • Game setup
    • Game executable is 'fordracing.exe' found in "FordRacing" folder.
  • Network setup
    • Open 'GameSettings.ini' inside "data" folder.
    • Change 'CabinetPosition' value to match each client (1, 2, 3, 4) etc.
    • Each client should see each other when game starts.
Common Issues / Questions Car is drifting to the left or right. Edit 'Calibration.ini' inside "shell" folder.
Set "Left=0" and "Right=255".
Save file.
Not Emulated
  • Test menu
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