Initial D7 AA X


Hardware: Sega RingEdge

Game Info: Initial D Arcade Stage 7 AAX, was released for in November 2012. Like its predecessor, the legend of the streets mode from Original and Another mode are exactly the same as the previous one (Arcade Stage 6 AA) with Rebirth mode. The game is mostly a carry-over from Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA, including updates. New characters include Shinji Inui to complete the Sidewinder battles of Project D, also Arcade Stage Ver.2/Special Stage/Arcade Stage Ver.3 characters such as Nobuhiko Akiyama (Rebirth), Sakamoto and Tohru Suetsugu (only in Legend) appeared in this game and rewind of Keisuke, from Project.D using Kyoko's FD. New cars include the Toyota Sprinter Trueno 2door and the new Toyota 86 GT (to replace the FT-86 prototype from the previous game). A new class of vehicles is introduced in this game called "Complete Cars". These include pre-tuned cars from several tuning shops in Japan, such as RE Amemiya.


Supported Video Cards
  • Game setup
    • Game executable is 'InitialD7_GLW_RE_SBYD_dumped_.exe' found in main folder.
    • AMD Users: Download latest AMDFix by Nezarn from GitHub here and tick "EnableAMDFix" in Game Settings.
    • If you use a laptop with Nvidia/AMD Graphics, make sure you set the executable to run on your High-performance GPU (the dedicated one). Here is a tutorial on how to do that.
Common Issues / Questions I get "shader err" when launching the game. Make sure you have installed the AMD Fix from Nezarn and have ticked EnableAMDFix in the game's settings.
Not Emulated
  • Online Server/D.NET
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