Senko no Ronde: DUO - Dis-United Order for NESiCAxLive


Hardware: Taito NESiCAxLive

Game Info: On May 20, 2010, G.rev released Senko no Ronde: Dis-United Order (Senko no Ronde: DUO for short) in Japan for the Xbox 360, it features many new characters, assist attacks, updated mechanics and a larger more fleshed out story mode, and the ability to save replays. Shortly after launch G.Rev released ver.2.00EX update which brought back two characters from the previous game, Ernula and Sakurako. The ver.2.00EX update also allowed characters and assist to be mixed and matched, as well fixed several glitches. Game play in Senko no Ronde: DUO is known for being noticeably faster than WarTech: Senko no Ronde, but retains most of the same strategies and mechanics from previous games. The game also has a new control option called Commander Style, which lets you indirectly control the Rounder through selectable commands. Currently G.rev has yet to announce any plans for release outside Japan. April 26, 2011, G.Rev updated Senko no Ronde: DUO to Version 2.2, adjusting Ursure, Cuilan, Jasper, Fabian, Mika, and Ernula. For NESiCAxLive, Senko no Ronde DUO was updated to Ver.2.3 which includes score attack mode.

Status: Perfect


Supported Video Cards

Game Setup

  • Game executable is 'game.exe' found in main folder.
  • The dll file iDmacDrv32.dll (in the game folder) should have a CRC32 = BCB0E7FE.
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