Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 for NESiCAxLive


Hardware: Taito NESiCAxLive

Game Info: On October 30, 2008, Examu released a major update to Arcana Heart 2 called Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2. This version further balanced the game and fixed some bugs. It also featured some design changes, such as new character illustrations and a red redesign for Kaya Hirotaka. New additions included an additional stage; three new characters: Akane Inuwaka, Nazuna Inuwaka, and Parace L'Sia; their respective Arcana: Fenex (Sound), Kayatsuhime (Flower), Parace L'sia (Life); new color palettes for each character, available by pressing the Start button on the character select screen; and an additional training mode. Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 was further updated to version 2.6 on February 27, 2009.

Status: Perfect


Supported Video Cards

Game Setup

  • Game executable is 'game.exe' found in main folder.
  • The dll file iDmacDrv32.dll (in the game folder) should have a CRC32 = BCB0E7FE.
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