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Initial D: Arcade Stage Zero


Game Info:
Initial D: Arcade Stage Zero is a 2017 arcade racing game based on the Initial D series. It is the ninth game in the Initial D Arcade Stage series. Zero featured many changes to the series formula, such as the introduction of a 6-speed shift (the series had previously used a sequential shifter).

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  • Create a folder like "Initial D Arcade Stage Zero"
  • Extract 'amfs', 'app', and 'pack' folders into your "Initial D Arcade Stage Zero" folder
  • Open browser and go to https://nodejs.org/, click download link for "12.18.1 LTS"
  • Run installer, and during install when prompted for "Automatically install the necessary tools" check this option in (aka. yes you want this)
  • Let the installer and additional tool setup (takes awhile) until it says "Type ENTER to exit:"
  • Open your TeknoParrot folder and navigate to "SegaTools\minime", run "start.bat"
  • Let all the stuff happen until it says "Startup OK"
  • Press Ctrl + C to stop the above
  • Run TeknoParrot as Administrator
  • In GAME SETTINGS, you must set the Network adapter IP to your own local IP (eg.
  • Game executable is "InitialD0_DX11_Nu.exe" within "app\package" folder

Additional Help

  • Also, here is a helpful setup video.

Common Issues / Questions

Black screen

Edit "initiald.ini"
Edit "fullscreen=1" to "fullscreen=0"

If you get a DVD Drive Error when launching the game

Having a DVD drive may cause a specific error with the game (?!) so you'll need to patch the exe to get past this
Get a program like HxD here (Free)
Within HxD, open the "amdaemon.exe" from "package" folder
Use the Go to function and enter: 225534
Change the "74" to "EB"

If you already had SegaTools manually setup

Find these files: aimeio.dll, idzhook.dll, idzio.dll
Rename to: aimeio.original.dll, idzhook.original.dll, idzio.original.dll
Find 'segatools.ini' and rename to 'segatools.backup.ini'

I ran "start.bat" but it didn't work!

Do NOT use "start.bat" with TeknoParrot! Run the game via TeknoParrot and the appropriate exe mentioned above

Running game from various Drive letters

Game MAY need to run from C: only right now, try to see if it helps if you're having trouble with another drive letter.

Features Not Emulated

  • Currently there are no multiplayer or network capabilities. You cannot race other players at this time.


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